About the Repeater

The repeater is all up and running now with new filters hopefully it is working ok all reports are welcome .


Welcome this is a fusion repeater in the south Buckinghamshire region the up link is 438.425mhz and down link 430.825mhz

there is a dcs code for the fm analog side which is 047

We are connected to the wires-x system and the default room will be GB7CP-room but users are welcome to change rooms.

The room will time out after 30 mins of no activity and return to GB7CP-room.

The Repeater is also connected to YSFReflector GB7CP so dmr and Fusion can connect to the Repeater through the YSFReflector

If you would like to make any donations towards the up keep, it would be welcomed and appreciated via paypal. Thank you.